Best of Sound FX — Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch. Getty images.

Marshawn Lynch. Getty images.

SHAWN WATCH — Oh my man Lynch. I am getting in Beast Mode mindset early even though his first return game is months away with this Best of Sound FX — Marshawn Lynch. Some pretty awesome clips in this video including Shawn’s second beastquake run and SB49 reactions.

Afterwards, I watched a bit of Super Bowl XLIX. I was so stunned at the final play and everything that followed it, I had forgotten what a monster game Lynch had in that game.

It is only right that Shawn gets another Super Bowl ring this time with his beloved Oakland Raiders. I have always had a sentimental spot for the Raiders and Raider Nation from way back when I was kid. Kenny “the Snake” Stabler. Are you kidding me? I also adore Derek Carr so it would have thrilled me to no end to see the Raiders win a Super Bowl without Lynch. But with Lynch? Let’s do it.

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