It’s been ages since I have been here on my personal blog. I have been super busy at work and with Hattingdon. These activities were greatly hampered by a rotten summer cold that hung on for weeks. This is kind of about Hattingdon.

Coming up in a minute is a super cool video I came across and became instantly enamoured. Not because of Céline Dion or even Paris. I do love Paris.

Every time I have gone to Paris I have said to myself, “I am going to learn French and come back here and live as long as I like”. I never learned French. I never moved to Paris. Sigh.

What enthralled me about this video are the headpieces.  Now the headpiece you see below in the video’s teaser image is not very impressive and has been done countless times. However, there are others throughout that are absolutely scrumptious. Some are even shall we say… Marie Antoinette-esque.

Watch and you will see what I mean. I am inspired. Enjoy!



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