Met Gala 2018

Rhiannon at The Met Gala 2018. James McCarthy / Getty Images.
Rhiannon at The Met Gala 2018 wearing Maison Margiela Artisinal. Image: James McCarthy / Getty Images.

I know I am late on this. It was several days ago. The Met Gala that is.

I have nothing unique or clever to say so will quote others who pretty much echo my sentiments. I didn’t expect to see much I really liked and I didn’t, though there were a few entertaining attempts. Except for Rhiannon, pictured above and below. That woman can rock anything. I mean anything. 

Before we see a head-to-toe shot of Rhiannon, here is what it is about in case you’ve not heard of The Met Gala or seen the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”.

HIGHSNOBIETY quoting Lia McGarrigle of In Style writes:

The Met Gala is the most prestigious fashion event of the year. Its exclusive guest list is filled with “IT” models, designers and industry big-hitters, all personally approved by Vogue Editor-in-Chef Anna Wintour.

Ms Wintour please retire.

The event was full of people I could care less about. I also found the theme just…. yuck.

Oh, yes. The theme. It was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” which yielded a host of fashion so-called which was anything but heavenly. The few beautiful dresses there we have seen done already elsewhere.

Surprisingly I am not alone in these sentiments. I found the comments to the article more amusing than the article itself which was predictably unctuous.

My favourite two are as follows.

jtrevino79 writes:

Every year it’s the same overexposed group of people that make TMZ news daily over their twitter comments. they’re that type of celebrity. The guest list doesn’t change. Year after year it’s still Rihanna, 3 Kardashians, Perry, Gomez, Lively, a bunch of rappers, and Jaden Smith doing something embarrassing that he mistakes as performance art. Remember when this event had the coolest names from their industry? Now, it’s just the east coast version of the Grammys for the ones that didn’t win. Beyonce skipped out just like she skipped out on NYC before everyone else realized the scene was starting to suck.

Brockton writes:

This is a shameful display of cultural appropriation and a complete mockery of a religious institution. None of these people would be caught dead mocking traditional garments found in Islam or Judaism like this. Disgusting.

Not sure about the latter. I think these people would be willing to mock anything even God Himself. Um, did we just do that? Well, kind of.

Here’s the full length Rhiannon. I love it for the hat of course. Who doesn’t want a jewel encrusted Bishop’s Mitre? I know I would. But I am probably not tall enough to carry it off.

Rhiannon at The Met Gala 2018 wearing Maison Margiela Artisinal. Full length view. Image: Variety/Rex/Shutterstock.
Rhiannon at The Met Gala 2018 wearing Maison Margiela Artisinal. Full length view. Image: Variety/Rex/Shutterstock.

Oh, you must see this. Jared as Jesus. From a post lovingly and appropriately entitled, “Jared Leto Runs to the Corner for a Pack of Smokes and Powerball Ticket“, by Tom + Lorenzo. Click image to see more. Do you think that’s his mom’s blouse?

Jared Leto channels his inner Jesus. Photo Credit: INSTARImages.
Jared Leto channels his inner Jesus. Photo Credit: INSTARImages. Click to see more at Tom + Lorenzo.

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Céline Dion takes Paris in the best couture of the season for Vogue


It’s been ages since I have been here on my personal blog. I have been super busy at work and with Hattingdon. These activities were greatly hampered by a rotten summer cold that hung on for weeks. This is kind of about Hattingdon.

Coming up in a minute is a super cool video I came across and became instantly enamoured. Not because of Céline Dion or even Paris. I do love Paris.

Every time I have gone to Paris I have said to myself, “I am going to learn French and come back here and live as long as I like”. I never learned French. I never moved to Paris. Sigh.

What enthralled me about this video are the headpieces.  Now the headpiece you see below in the video’s teaser image is not very impressive and has been done countless times. However, there are others throughout that are absolutely scrumptious. Some are even shall we say… Marie Antoinette-esque.

Watch and you will see what I mean. I am inspired. Enjoy!