ESPN Body Issue to go Beast Mode again

Marshawn Lynch, ESPN Body Issue, 2014.

Marshawn Lynch, ESPN Body Issue, 2014. Click to enlarge.

SHAWN WATCH — The ESPN Body Issue will go Beast Mode again in 2017. Or so the story goes.

CBS News released a teaser of ESPN’s upcoming body issue with six images. I excitedly flipped through them and the only running back they showed (twice) was Dallas Cowboys rusher Ezekiel Elliott who is also on the cover.

That’s nice. But not the running back I want and probably most everyone else wants to see. Come on ESPN! We want to see our man.

In the meantime Lynch is preparing for his return to professional football with the “home team” while giving out free haircuts for good grades and 2,000 free waterpark tickets to Oakland kids, among other things.

But Business Insider reports, “Marshawn Lynch, one of the newest members of the Oakland Raiders, has been quick to ingratiate himself with the city’s youth.”

Don’t you hate that sort of jaded reporting? Oh, look. The author Sam Belden is a Sports Intern at Business Insider. Do your homework Sam and offer some facts instead of uninformed opinions.

Fact. Lynch does not ingratiate himself with anyone.

Fact. Lynch chose to stay in his community when he could easily have left.

Fact. Lynch has been helping the youth in the Oakland area since he joined the NFL in 2007.

Fact. Lynch’s Fam 1st Family Foundation has been helping thousands of kids since 2006.

Fact. Lynch is a remarkable man.

ESPN’s Body Issue hits newsstands July 7.


Best of Sound FX — Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch. Getty images.

Marshawn Lynch. Getty images.

SHAWN WATCH — Oh my man Lynch. I am getting in Beast Mode mindset early even though his first return game is months away with this Best of Sound FX — Marshawn Lynch. Some pretty awesome clips in this video including Shawn’s second beastquake run and SB49 reactions.

Afterwards, I watched a bit of Super Bowl XLIX. I was so stunned at the final play and everything that followed it, I had forgotten what a monster game Lynch had in that game.

It is only right that Shawn gets another Super Bowl ring this time with his beloved Oakland Raiders. I have always had a sentimental spot for the Raiders and Raider Nation from way back when I was kid. Kenny “the Snake” Stabler. Are you kidding me? I also adore Derek Carr so it would have thrilled me to no end to see the Raiders win a Super Bowl without Lynch. But with Lynch? Let’s do it.