Marshawn gets tackled by British slang

Painted Union Jack flag. Click image to visit source.
Painted Union Jack flag. Click image to visit source.

Oh my. How long has it been since I wrote about NFL superstar Marshawn Lynch? Ages.

But I have been keeping a close eye on Beast Mode. Well pretty much. It’s challenging to watch the NFL these days, and since Shawn retired from the Seahawks then after a break signed on with the Raiders, I’ve only watched highlights.

Lynch is back for another season with Oakland, and as “luck” would have it the Raiders are playing the Seahawks, Marshawn’s former team, in London. What a gas. It’s an annual thing the NFL does — sending two teams to play each other — trying to spread American football to the UK. Good luck with that. However, Brits do turn out for the novelty act that it is. We invented true football.

To promote it, Marshawn tackles some British slang but ends up getting tackled himself. Try some cockney rhyming slang on him next time.

Enjoy. Love you forever Marshawn. ♥

Thank you Omaze!


Vine covered tea room in Wales

Autumn colours are beginning to appear — a perennial favourite.

This image from Photos of the Week at the Christian Science Monitor expands the idea of the familiar phrase “vine covered cottage”.  It is now a tea room in Llanrwst, N. Wales, called the Tu Hwnt l’r Tea Bont Room. Easy for me to say, right? Wink!

Tu Hwnt l'r Bont Tea Room, Llanrwst, N. Wales. Image Source, Christian Science Monitor Photos of the week. By Rebecca Naden / Reuters.
Image Source, Christian Science Monitor Photos of the week. By Rebecca Naden / Reuters.

I might have another post this October. Stranger things have happened. If not, see you in November. Hugs and kisses.

Insta flowers

Old Louisville in wrought iron. Image Source: Practical Wanderlust. Click to visit.
Old Louisville in wrought iron. Image Source: Practical Wanderlust. Click to visit.

I have taken some pretty sweet pictures of neighborhood flowers in Old Louisville throughout the late Spring and early Summer with my phone. They aren’t award winning shots or anything. Just for me and friends to enjoy.

I posted them to my Instagram account (@porttowngirl) so I could enjoy them whenever I wanted. Then I deleted them off my phone. I should have emailed them to myself first. Oh, well. 

Do you do that too? Take pictures with your phone and really like them, then decide, “I don’t really need to keep these”, then later wished you had kept them. But they take up so much room!

My phone is so old I only have the most basic of basic apps left on it. I have to keep deleting any apps I can to make room. Everybody’s dilemma eventually unless you have a $1,000 phone.

I promised myself a new one for my birthday in September. Not long now! Here are three images I picked to share here.

Thank you for stopping by dear ones. See you in September — isn’t there a song by that title? Ha, ha. Hugs. V.

P.S. Girl Interrupted! Forgot to hit publish when I did this in September but it still counts for that month.

René Pape sings on horseback

René Pape as Sarastro and Tom Randle as Monostatos in Kenneth Branagh's "The Magic Flute". Click to visit image.
Rene Pape (left) in Branagh’s The Magic Flute. Source: Pinterest. Click to visit image.

René Pape.

Superb voice. Moving. Handsome. Charismatic. Everything you want in an opera singer. The great operatic Bass of our time. My time.

There’s even more to love. Pape sings on horseback! You know how I love horses. Pape has a darn good seat. How deluxe.

I only hear Pape when he performs Verdi and Mozart. How fun to come across this excerpt.

Horses are no strangers to Opera. They appear in quite a few. When I say appear, I mean live on stage.

My first time seeing horses on the operatic stage was at the Met in Aida and later on the outdoor stage at Verona in Carmen.

I doubt I’ll ever see Mr Pape live which makes me feel very, very sad. I wasn’t aware of him when I lived in New York. That was a very long time ago now. Perhaps he hadn’t even made it there yet. Sigh. Recordings will have to do.

Okay. That’s my August blogging done. Smile!

Thank you for stopping by. Cheers. Vivian.

About René Pape

German bass René Pape made his Royal Opera debut in February 1997, singing Pope Pius IV (Palestrina) and Heinrich I (Lohengrin) in parallel runs. He has since sung Count Massimiliano (I masnadieri), Méphistophélès (Faust) and Gurnemanz (Parsifal) for The Royal Opera.

Pape was born in Dresden in 1964 and sang with the Kreuzchor from 1974 to 1981. He went on to train at the Dresden Conservatory and in 1988 made his professional debut at the Berlin State Opera Unter den Linden while still a student. He continues to sing regularly with the Berlin State Opera, and with the Metropolitan Opera, New York, where he has sung in more than 190 performances since his debut in 1995. His repertory includes all the major Wagner bass-baritone roles, Sarastro (Die Zauberflöte), Philip II (Don Carlo) and Boris Godunov.

Source: Royal Opera House Biography

Steve by Fizz

My laptop is just about dead but I am managing to keep it running long enough to grab a bunch of content off of it. Whew!

While making my way around, I found myself in a space where there were some rare old images I didn’t know, or remember, I had there. This is one of my favourites.

Steve by Fizz

I worked as a racing photographer in England for quite a few years. If you work around racing folks long enough you get a nickname. Mine was Fizz. For my effervescent personality, so they said. Smile.

I had a mad crush on Steve Cauthen. He was champion jockey both in the US and UK.

I took a quick snap of Cauthen following a race at Haydock, my home park in Liverpool. Look at the date. 1992! That’s my writing by the way.

Steve Cauthen. Haydock Park 1992. By Mrs Fizz Farrell!
Steve Cauthen. Haydock Park 1992. By Mrs Fizz Farrell!

Cauthen is explaining to the owner how his horse ran in the race. It was used by the Echo.

I was much, much younger when I made my earliest trip to Haydock. My dad took me at the age of 9 months.  I was enthralled he said and very well behaved.

Learn more about the great Steve Cauthen here »

Macaroon hat so sweet and tasty

I adore hats. Always have. Of all sorts too, but especially bright, cheery hats.

There are so many great milliners on Instagram from all over the world. Here’s a sample. How delicious is this!

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Cheers everyone!